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Chicago born, New York bred, and Stockholm infused Lilliana Rose Lyons' practice is rooted in the discipline of thoughtful story-telling. 


During her 10+ years of working in post production, she has garnered a reputation as a respected creative collaborator who is adept at crafting stories in many forms and genres. Her visual language is improvisational, inspired by her work as a DJ. 


As an editor she has worked on films, series, and short content for a variety of media companies such as A24, Netflix, PBS, MTV, and Conde Nast. 


Lilliana is also independently working as a writer and director in the narrative film space.


Her short film “What Brought You Back?” (2021) screened internationally in a variety of festivals including the Paladino d'Oro Film Festival.


“Reach” (2023) a short film, has won numerous awards including best editing at Rotterdam Independent Film Festival. 


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